The Very F1rst Blog

Heyyy there readers,bloggers, and someone-I-don’t-know-abouters!💞

Yeah you read that right. This is my very first blogging experience, and trust me, this is nothing like your first skateboard ride🏂(Tony Hawk is an exception), or the first time you went on with a lie for more than 5 days🕴(Donland Trump made it). It’s more like the first time you went out with the girl of your choice, who you thought would be your future wife. No, I didn’t give that example just because blogging would be a girlfriend to a loner like me, but because this decision could possibly change my future🙄.You guessed it. Blogging would be an amazing career option for me(Well that’s what I think😂).

Taking a break from ensuring you guys that I’m not in it just for the time being, let me give you a short intro; The Name’s Pulkit,  origin of the infamous nickname, Pukku. Commerce student, math saath mein chipak gyi📘. NOT a typical Delhi guy. Yes, not was in caps for a reason. You’ll get to know about that once you get a look at my other blogs which I would be publishing soon💯.

Until next time. Till then, Holla Out!🛐


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