R2turn Of The Mack

Yeah you read that right, your bedroom blogger has just returned from the dead. Gotya. No, I wasn’t ‘actually dead’. Neither was I pretending to be dead. It was just that I have been kinda busy, and lazy of course. However, that era just came to an end. No, no, you’ll have to fix an appointment in case you need to talk/meet. I was just talking about the lazy attitude.

So my sister got married a week ago, and I couldn’t blog about it. What could be worse? Well, in order to cure the pain, I just decided to go for plan B. Plan B? Plan B. Now, what I’m gonna do is, I’ll just take you guys into a flashback, post a blog each day, according to the order to the ceremonies, and will make sure that you get to experience each and every bit of the amazing time I’ve had. However, this ‘flashback’ thingy will be taking place in a week or so, as I have to present my seniors with a wonderful farewell. You heard it, It’s farewell time homes! 

Dance. Ahaan. That’s exactly what iipukkuii is going to do on this years’ farewell (as long as I’m not forced to Dj). It was a tough decision though, tough, and a stubborn one. My teachers, being aware of my Djing skills, wanted me to be the music in-charge during the farewell. Why didn’t I go for it? You guessed it. Homies, Niggas, and some Friends. “What will I be doing alone in the control-room while all my friends will be backstage, having the time of their lives?”-Said my brain. “Bro? You’ve been looking up for such opportunities since a long time.”-Said the heart. “Tomorrowland wali feel ayegi”-Said my seniors. “Dance mein zyada maza ata hai bc”-Seniors again. “Beta tumhe music ki responsibility leni hi pdegi, Main naa nahi sunungi”-Teachers. “Beta no one can force you to take part in an activity that you don’t want to do”-Teachers again. Everyone, from my mind, to people who seem to be kind. From my very own heart, to people who shop from Walmart (HashtagRapSkillsBruh) have an equal contribution in turning this guy, into a tired fly.

Now, I think you guys have an idea about what’s going on right now. I just hope that the future isn’t so restless as the present is. However, the next few days are surely going to be quite hectic, so you should expect small, but fulfilled blogs. Till then, Holla Out!


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