The System

Not going to welcome you with another ‘cheesy af’ startup line, but with a face of what people refer to as reality. In today’s blog, the only thing that you’re going to get a glimpse of will be reality, and a little bit of what’s going around in your writer’s life.

Luckily, I was able to clear all my class-11 exams without scoring any red line. Unluckily, some of my friends didn’t. It didn’t end up that smoothly as it seems to have been. Going to the highest grade in school life meant leaving behind several things. The sad fact about these several things was that they didn’t include a single thing. A mixture of feelings, emotions, and people – that’s what I refer to them as. Though it’s not the first time life has made me go through a reality check, it is, however, in the most crucial way that I have received it this time. The amount of happiness that I had achieved after being promoted to grade 12, was all taken away and over, by the misery and depressing thoughts that came along with the news of my friends being retained. This news, was no less that a wrecking ball to the endless towers of our mindsets and dreams. Retention is in itself, the biggest punishment one could suffer.

Talking about how life works, let’s just focus on how the system further works on breaking you down at different successive stages, making you realise, how temporary things can be. From the start itself, we are exposed to a huge amount of emotions that come along as a sidekick with the various opportunities and experiences that our school life has to offer. There comes a certain stage in life when we perceive how precious the people are, and how much we crave for them. This certain stage, is known to be the time when we become mature, i.e., grade eight apparently. We are made to hangout with a limited number of humans, all the way through our immaturity, and the moment we come to know about who these humans actually are, and what position they hold in our hearts, the system starts working on how to separate us. It reveals its first tactic when we are made to select, what language do we want to pursue. ‘Whether it be friends or family, everyone has a different choice.’ – That’s what works as a head start to the very first act of separation. The second stage of this same torture, waits for us to adjust ourselves in the new environment and people, and after about two years, comes flying towards this foundation of friendship and bonds as if it was a wrecking ball. Whether it be commerce or science, maths or IP, eco or C++, all lead to the tombstones of our ‘believed to last forever’ relations.

This system, however, does not end with our school lives. Instead, it works more like a cycle which keeps on revolving again and again, resulting in segregations, and a betterment in our misconceptions about this world. Not only friends, but sometimes family, and even our birth givers get departed in this vicious maze of life. In the end, the only thing that remains is you.

Everything is temporary. Emotions, Thoughts, People, and Scenery. Do not become attached. Just flow with it.


R2turn Of The Mack

Yeah you read that right, your bedroom blogger has just returned from the dead. Gotya. No, I wasn’t ‘actually dead’. Neither was I pretending to be dead. It was just that I have been kinda busy, and lazy of course. However, that era just came to an end. No, no, you’ll have to fix an appointment in case you need to talk/meet. I was just talking about the lazy attitude.

So my sister got married a week ago, and I couldn’t blog about it. What could be worse? Well, in order to cure the pain, I just decided to go for plan B. Plan B? Plan B. Now, what I’m gonna do is, I’ll just take you guys into a flashback, post a blog each day, according to the order to the ceremonies, and will make sure that you get to experience each and every bit of the amazing time I’ve had. However, this ‘flashback’ thingy will be taking place in a week or so, as I have to present my seniors with a wonderful farewell. You heard it, It’s farewell time homes! 

Dance. Ahaan. That’s exactly what iipukkuii is going to do on this years’ farewell (as long as I’m not forced to Dj). It was a tough decision though, tough, and a stubborn one. My teachers, being aware of my Djing skills, wanted me to be the music in-charge during the farewell. Why didn’t I go for it? You guessed it. Homies, Niggas, and some Friends. “What will I be doing alone in the control-room while all my friends will be backstage, having the time of their lives?”-Said my brain. “Bro? You’ve been looking up for such opportunities since a long time.”-Said the heart. “Tomorrowland wali feel ayegi”-Said my seniors. “Dance mein zyada maza ata hai bc”-Seniors again. “Beta tumhe music ki responsibility leni hi pdegi, Main naa nahi sunungi”-Teachers. “Beta no one can force you to take part in an activity that you don’t want to do”-Teachers again. Everyone, from my mind, to people who seem to be kind. From my very own heart, to people who shop from Walmart (HashtagRapSkillsBruh) have an equal contribution in turning this guy, into a tired fly.

Now, I think you guys have an idea about what’s going on right now. I just hope that the future isn’t so restless as the present is. However, the next few days are surely going to be quite hectic, so you should expect small, but fulfilled blogs. Till then, Holla Out!


Yay Yayy Yayyy💞

The new DJ SNAKE album is out!😎 I know that a lot of you guys have been waiting for the psychotic release. So without making you wait even for another second, here’s a list of all the songs included in the album:


2.Middle Ft. Bipolar Sunshine

3.Sahara Ft. Skrillex


5.Pigalle Ft. Moksi

6.Talk Ft. George Maple

7.Ocho Cinco Ft. Yellow Claw

8.The Half Ft. Young Thug

9.Oh Me Oh My Ft. Travis Scott


11.4 Life Ft. G4Shi

12.Future,Pt.2 Ft. Bipolar Sunshine

13.Let Me Love You Ft. Justin Beiber

14.Here Comes The Night Ft. Mr.     Hudson

I hope that this was helping. See ya next time, till then, Holla Out!🛐


It’s almost midnight and I just finished doing PMI. No, not Pammi Mausis’ Idli, but the Principle of Mathematical Induction😏. I’m not another studious guy who’s just worried about his studies. Well that’s what I have to do in order to get myself a few more hours on social media, you know, The Indian Mom Concept,”Pdhega Toh Phone Milega, Wrna Locker Zindabaad”.

Now, moving on from telling you guys about my Dukhad-Katha, I want to talk about a very common topic on my blog today. The title says it, MATHS. A lot of students, who’re in the stage of taking up a career option, give up on subjects of their own choice just because some ‘Trustworthy, Idol-Like Senior” scared the shit out of them and gave them nightmares about math. Well trust me, if you know that you can do it, nobody can stop you from scoring good grades in any of the subjects that you want to take. It’s just that there’s a lot of more pressurising from the schooling, as well as the extra tuitions that most people take. However, it is the same pressure that makes you perfect in your academics. Yes, Grade 11 isn’t easy as you thought it would be, but there’s nothing to worry about. You just have to maintain the flow, and go with it. Just be regular, and be particular about your studies, especially your homework. Just be clear with the concepts, and don’t hesitate to ask. That’s all you have to do. Go on with the career field of your choice, and be the best in it.

Yeah I know, today’s blog had a little boring, lecture-like look. What else do you expect?😂 It’s 1:00 AM. Want me to write you a love story or something like that? Go on, read twilight. JK, I hope that you guys enjoyed reading it, just let me know if you have any queries on what subject you should choose. I’m sure I could help. I promise that the next blog won’t be another ‘Bde-Bhaiya-Ki-Tips’ kind of shit. Till Then, Holla Out!🛐

The Very F1rst Blog

Heyyy there readers,bloggers, and someone-I-don’t-know-abouters!💞

Yeah you read that right. This is my very first blogging experience, and trust me, this is nothing like your first skateboard ride🏂(Tony Hawk is an exception), or the first time you went on with a lie for more than 5 days🕴(Donland Trump made it). It’s more like the first time you went out with the girl of your choice, who you thought would be your future wife. No, I didn’t give that example just because blogging would be a girlfriend to a loner like me, but because this decision could possibly change my future🙄.You guessed it. Blogging would be an amazing career option for me(Well that’s what I think😂).

Taking a break from ensuring you guys that I’m not in it just for the time being, let me give you a short intro; The Name’s Pulkit,  origin of the infamous nickname, Pukku. Commerce student, math saath mein chipak gyi📘. NOT a typical Delhi guy. Yes, not was in caps for a reason. You’ll get to know about that once you get a look at my other blogs which I would be publishing soon💯.

Until next time. Till then, Holla Out!🛐