It’s almost midnight and I just finished doing PMI. No, not Pammi Mausis’ Idli, but the Principle of Mathematical Induction😏. I’m not another studious guy who’s just worried about his studies. Well that’s what I have to do in order to get myself a few more hours on social media, you know, The Indian Mom Concept,”Pdhega Toh Phone Milega, Wrna Locker Zindabaad”.

Now, moving on from telling you guys about my Dukhad-Katha, I want to talk about a very common topic on my blog today. The title says it, MATHS. A lot of students, who’re in the stage of taking up a career option, give up on subjects of their own choice just because some ‘Trustworthy, Idol-Like Senior” scared the shit out of them and gave them nightmares about math. Well trust me, if you know that you can do it, nobody can stop you from scoring good grades in any of the subjects that you want to take. It’s just that there’s a lot of more pressurising from the schooling, as well as the extra tuitions that most people take. However, it is the same pressure that makes you perfect in your academics. Yes, Grade 11 isn’t easy as you thought it would be, but there’s nothing to worry about. You just have to maintain the flow, and go with it. Just be regular, and be particular about your studies, especially your homework. Just be clear with the concepts, and don’t hesitate to ask. That’s all you have to do. Go on with the career field of your choice, and be the best in it.

Yeah I know, today’s blog had a little boring, lecture-like look. What else do you expect?😂 It’s 1:00 AM. Want me to write you a love story or something like that? Go on, read twilight. JK, I hope that you guys enjoyed reading it, just let me know if you have any queries on what subject you should choose. I’m sure I could help. I promise that the next blog won’t be another ‘Bde-Bhaiya-Ki-Tips’ kind of shit. Till Then, Holla Out!🛐